Kinetic Watches

Kinetic Watches - Perpetual Motion In Action

KINETIC watches are marvels of brilliantly applied technology. They are the ultimate in environmentally friendly futuristic technology that uses the power of YOU...
They convert energy created by the movement of the wrist into electricity which is stored, regulated and released with perfect quartz accuracy. No need to ever change a battery ... and they enter a state of suspended animation when inactivity is detected to store energy.

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Kinetic Watches

Kinetic-Powered Watches At a Glance

Battery free! Powered by the movement of your arm and body.
Environmentally friendly - no battery to dispose of.
Can run for up to 6 months off its stored energy.

This watch is perfect for people who:
Enjoy an active lifestyle.
Wear the same watch almost every day.
Appreciate innovative technology.
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About this site: aims to be the ultimate information resource on the Web for Kinetic Watch enthusiasts. We also will display the best prices for those buyers who are comparison shopping for this unique and attractive timepiece. You will see the best Kinetic or "piezoelectric quartz crystal" watches available from Seiko, Pulsar, ETA, Ventura, Credor and Fossil.

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